Thursday, January 19, 2012

Alphabet Soup! - or stitching for my grandson

Leland, my eldest grandson, will turn 6 tomorrow! I've been working on an alphabet for his wall, with his name stitched in the design. It will be darling once I get it finished, but I might be creating a monster with this project. It isn't that big, but I have to remember he has FOUR younger siblings that will all expect Mawmaw to stitch something special for each of them. Since the twins are just 19 months, I think I don't have to worry about them ... yet. Austin and Lilly can be a little more demanding. I'm glad their birthdays come later in the year! Still, I may have trouble finding a Tinkerbell or Hello Kitty chart.

Any suggestions?


  1. My suggestion probably isn't going to be too popular--I'd say go with something that you want to stitch, and then give it to them. What about stitching a smaller design, like the PS alphabet, to spell out their names? Just a thought!

  2. Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog. Your cross stitch for your eldest grandson sounds lovely!

    Best wishes

    Lynn B

  3. Hi Lorraine,

    I have read back right to your first post and yes there are some wondeful bloggers out there with the most amazing stitching, quilting and knitting and crochet... well anything crafty. Hope you'll find your niche.. I am sure you will.
    It's a lovely idea to have a tooth fairy pillow and what ever you do, I am sure your grand children will love such a super idea.
    Just the child's name and a small motif, finished into a little pillow trimmed with ric rac or beads, just a thought?
    I shall pop back to see what you decide to do, there are lots of ideas on line. It will be nice to follow you and see how you sort out living in an apartment after a larger house. If you find the answer can you let me know please because I moved from a 4 bedroomed house to a three bedroomed one and I am still looking for places to put things!! One thing I did decide to do I have away to my grand children all my classic books that were leather bound and a lot more to charity shops and friends. The only ones I kept were my most favourite authors and stitching, gardening and craft books etc. Now books that I buy to read I give away as soon as I have read them, I still have loads of books that I like..It can be done to declutter you just have to be strong!
    Great idea to ask for postage for stash, hope that works out for you.
    Happy stitching
    Chris x