Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our little mamma, the wren

I started stitching this in October, for the sweet little Carolina Wren that came to our door several times a day, collecting peanuts for herself and her babies. She had the babies in our neighbor's mailbox, and came to our back door for meals. As her babies got a little larger, she taught them to come to the door too. I finished "Little Mamma" (as we called her) in late December. This was the second time she raised babies here, and we haven't seen her in a couple months. She's probably gone to the peanut heaven in the sky... but her babies still come to the back door at meal time every day.

This was my first work with tweeded needles, and the photo doesn't do it justice! Little Mamma is almost as pretty in floss as she was hopping in our back door. And the "Juniors" we see every day are just as sweet!

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