Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hooray! My prayers have been answered!

My search has ended.  After updating and polishing my resume numerous times, putting on the business suits and going to countless job fairs, applying everywhere and being on every job search website.... I am finally among the employed again! Even though I had worked at Home Depot for 3 years, it has been 5 years since I quit my part time job there due to the overtime requirements at my full time job. Applying on line, a telephone interview, 2 follow up interviews and numerous phone calls back and forth, a background check and drug screening, and lots of paperwork ~ all paid off!

I am working at Home Depot again!!! The pay rate is less than when I left there 5 years ago, but I can't complain. I'm happy to be back in the HD family again. Many of the associates I worked with are still there, and it's a FANTASTIC place to work. I look forward to committing myself to the HD programs (community service projects, do-it-herself workshops) that make Home Depot more than just another big box home improvement store.  I think they're almost as happy to have me back as I am to be there!

Just in time for Spring, I get to experience rebirth and renewal. It has been a long time coming. I think I've been adrift since David was lost at sea in 2009, just trying to keep my head above the waves. Job ended, relationships ended, and friendships lost... I tumbled along. Thank you, God, for not forsaking me.