Sunday, January 1, 2012

stolen thoughts for 2012

I have to admit I completely STOLE this idea from Stitch Bitch, a fabulous blogger with great ideas.

Plans for 2012

 I need to give myself some direction. This year I will:
  1. Get a job, even part time is better than nothing. And it would be NICE if it was in the health care field. After 2 years in school, I need to put my new degree to use. Graduating Summa Cum Laude was nice, but get off your butt already!
  2. Start only 2 new large stitching projects for the year. I finally finished the huge "dwell in possibility" project I started when I got laid off. If I could find the charts, I could get the designer's name and the project name right. I still can't find anything since moving in here in July. But in 2012, I'm not going to have a dozen projects going at the same time. I'm not going to pick up any new hobbies or start doing any new crafts. I'll do a gazillion little ornaments and gifts, but it's time to finish some of the UFOs from previous years. Time to use up my stash and all the freebies I've collected.
  3. Finish 1/2 of my WIPs. That means I'll have to sort through all my stuff and FIND all the ufo projects! Then I can decide whether I still want to stitch them, and prioritize them.
  4. Sort through my books. What I can't sell on Amazon I'll trade or share with others. I'll never understand why I moved all those books with me, or why I have a small storage locker full of books still. I guess I just took them since Kelly kept all my other stuff. Time for those books to find other homes.
  5. Get back into my conversion classes. No excuses.
  6. Get my digital camera out of Tom's attic and start uploading pictures of my stitching. 

I have a lot to learn about blogging. I hope other stitchers will post their thoughts here. I'd love to make some new virtual friends.


  1. No shame in borrowing ideas. As the dude always says, "it's a talent to recognize good ideas." (How's that for shameless self-promotion?) Anyway, if you can't sell your books, may I suggest donating them to your local public library to sell? They will give you a receipt for tax purposes, and they get the dosh which in these times of government cuts is more important than ever. Good luck in your job search and welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Ha ha! I have a talent in recognizing good ideas! Thanks also for the suggestion of the public library. That never occurred to me. I'll check with the local libraries. I was sharing the books through paperback swap dot com, but the postage costs were killing me. If I can just load up the Jeep and drive to the local library, all the better! That's another excellent idea!

  3. Good luck on achieving your goals for this new year!! :D